PocketCase 12U 51HP PSU

· Strap to hang on the shoulder for better transport.
· Butterfly style closure.
· Rubber legs.
· With PSU X 2
Exterior dimensions (Length / Width / Height)
· 28cm X 28,5cm X 20cm
Depth of the guide to the bottom of the case
· 5cm
Depth of the guide to the Power Bus
· 4cm
Specifications Grau Bus X 2
GrauBus is a compact bus and power supply.
Specially designed for pocket cases.
An ultra compact distribution bus with power supply.
It is 12 mm high and has horizontal connectors to maximize space.
- Input: 9 - 18v (45W recommended)
- Current:
+ 12v: 625 mA
-12v: 625 mA
+ 5v: 350 mA
690.68 €
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